Specialist Bradley Burt veteran of the 10th Mountain Division needs your help forming his campaign cooperative at Operation: Greenspace.

My name is Bradley Burt – I need your help adopting 50 troops through donations for my Kiva campaign.

I am the founder of Outpost 422, Autumn Landmine Productions, Bob Cobb Freelance Ink LLC, and the Sacred Warrior Fellowship 501 c 3. I am in need of Facebook moderators, found footage takers, and public record requesters to start up an inclusivity campaign called “#NOTINCLUDED.” As a veteran who deals with multiple disabilities, I am using my grievances to build opportunities. After succumbing to ageism as a student at the university, I have learned to cope with low appraisal as a student entrepreneur and recognize the value of coalitions who stick together. I am looking to assemble a campaign cooperative and need your help. Please send inquiries to centaurfivedelta@yahoo.com.

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